**Although we are proud of these testimonials it is important to know we cannot guarantee results and these clients’ comments are not meant to guarantee results or imply successful outcomes. These are just folks who have been happy with the services we provided in their specific situation. These are actual uncensored comments by our clients.  To learn how we may be able to help you, contact us today to set up a free consultation at 704-297-4000.**

Out of respect for our clients and their privacy, we have removed their names from these reviews.



“My wife and I would like to take this moment to inform the entire staff at Mr. Duncan’s Law Firm of how appreciative we are of the very professional service rendered during this most difficult time for us. We are delighted that we have all but put this unfortunate moment in our lives (Bankruptcy) behind us and look forward to moving on.”

“Wow! This law firm was extremely helpful with my bankruptcy. Damon, Melissa and Jordan are a great team. Their experience and knowledge of court system made the whole process smooth and successful. They encouraged me to ask as many questions as possible to help me further understand my responsibilities during the bankruptcy and what to expect after it. They provide a ton of helpful resources on their blog and youtube channel. I can not imagine going elsewhere. THANK YOU!”

“One word – Painless. Terry takes the time to guide you through the process. Nothing more needs to be said.”

“5 Stars to Terry Duncan! I would recommend him to anyone because of his professionalism and his staff being so organized. They made the experience so smooth that I couldn’t come up with any questions to ask. In court he explained everything before we got started which made me not be so nervous and it was smooth sailing through out.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for making the process simple and explaining step by step what was going to happen. I was nervous about the meeting but you did a great job in helping ease the nervousness about the situation and I am SO glad its over.”

“OK, where do I start…..the beginning or the end? Either way, the service provided by Terry, Ashley, Frankie, and Rose was no less that superbly outstanding. I know that’s not a word, there ARE no words to match the excellent, professional, one on one care and attention that I received from the staff of Duncan Law, starting with the chief executive himself, Terry Duncan.

Mr Duncan ALWAYS had a smile of confidence and comfort when you entered his office. Oh, let’s not forget the funny jokes he shares. He really makes you feel at ease. He takes the time to answer all your questions, without regard to time.

I truly appreciated how he “schooled” me on everything BEFORE the 341 meeting. They even give you a diagram of where you are supposed to go once you get to the street address (on the diagram there is an arrow pointing at the green awning on the building). I really loved the simplicity of it all. I had no problem being at the right place, at the right time.

Mr Duncan was professional, and dressed accordingly when he arrived to the creditors meeting. I saw attorneys who looked as if they slept in their clothes overnight. A female attorney was there, whom I thought was a client because of her fishnet stockings and mini skirt…….really lady? I was so happy to be represented by my strikingly handsome and well dressed attorney,Terry Duncan.

I saw NO OTHER attorney call their people to the side before they were called by the trustee but Mr. Duncan. Most of the attorneys sat next to their clients and spoke to them in the open room where everyone could hear. Mr. Duncan called us all into a room where he prepared us further for what was about to happen. How awesome is that?

5 stars to you Mr Terry Duncan, I will tell all of my friends and family about you and your wonderful staff. Yes, I dare to say this: I love you all and appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart…..Blessings!”

“Great Law Firm. From the first initial phone call to the final meetings. Damon, Melissa and Jordan were great. Very friendly, very patient, and very helpful. The whole process seemed so complex before we began talking with Duncan Law. They all take time out to personally speak with us over our case and explain EVERYTHING. I was also impressed with how quickly they responded to any questions we may have had. They all have a great way to calm you down when and make smooth things over. Thank you very much Damon, Melissa, and Jordan. I highly recommend the services at Duncan Law PLLC.”

“If you want a pain-free, caring, smooth experience, attorney Terry Duncan will teach, guide and, assist you through your process along with a super efficient, professional, caring staff. Have been sharing this info all around town!!”

“This firm was awesome & great to work with!! They provided us with exceptional and personal service that far exceeded our expectations. We had filed for Chapter 7 and the process from beginning to end was smooth and we were kept informed on our status throughout. They made everything easy to understand and when we arrived at our Creditors Meeting we were surprised how the woman next to us didn’t even know who her lawyer was (because she only talked on phone and over internet). The trustee had no questions, as our paperwork was complete and correct!!! Would highly recommend to anyone!!!!!! Thanks Again!!”

“I would like to take this opportunity to extend how much gratitude and appreciation I have for both you and the Duncan Law Firm. With the stress of debt taking a toll on me physically and mentally, me and my husband found ourselves lost as to what our next steps (financial) were to be. We never thought Bankruptcy would ever be an option. We were surrounded by fear of the unknown with regards to Bankruptcy, how it would affect us today, tomorrow, how our friends and family would look at us, or how it would affect our credit presently or in the future. We were faced with countless questions and as many of today’s generation, we resorted to the worldwide-web for answers. We spent countless hours researching firm after firm and thankfully came across the Duncan Law Firm website. The site had all the answers to our questions and our decision was made, and we could not have made a better choice than the Duncan Law Firm. Little did we know, all our fears and stress were soon on its way out the door. From the initial call to set up an appointment, to the meeting with the Trustee — the process could not have been made any simpler and stress-free. Each meeting attended was done with such professionalism and any/all our questions were answered. Whenever we had concerns or questions our questions we were comforted with knowing the answers were only a phone call or email away. My husband and I can not thank you and the Duncan law Firm enough for making this stressful burden so light on our shoulders. We would not hesitate to refer the Duncan Law Firm to anyone in need of your services.”

“Thank You….Damon and Melissa were very supportive throughout my process of filing bankruptcy. The knowledge and concern for me as a client was wonderful. I could not have asked for better representation!!”

“Many of these reviews cover Terry’ s professionalism, caring demeanor, and wonderful staff, and these are all true. I want to say how much of a relief my 341 meeting was, thanks to Terry and his office staff. I was prepared for some questions from the trustee, but received none other than the standard ones asked to everyone. I appreciated how nicely dressed Terry was (some of the attorneys wore wrinkled shirts, no suit, or I could not tell the attorney from the client). I believe one should show the court the respect it is due, and Terry’s dress and demeanor had him standing heads above everyone else there. He was the only attorney to take his clients aside in another room and go over all that would happen. Terry had 6 clients the day of my 341 and all were happy with his representation. I participate on a bankruptcy forum and recommend him privately to anyone who asks. From the forum I had heard many horror stories about attorneys, so much that I almost wanted to go Pro Se. But in finding Terry we found a great attorney, who handled everything with a high degree of professionalism and competence. I cannot forget his office staff, I especially dealt with Teri Frank “Frankie”, who was simply awesome. Any questions I emailed her were answered so promptly, I was never held up for days waiting on answers from the office. I was given help from the moment l walked out after the first consultation! In conclusion, Terry and his staff have the experience and the desire to steer you through these dangerous waters, and I am sure you will be very pleased you chose them. Finally, Terry’s southern charm and humor go a long way to ease your worries, and seemed to work well with the trustee!”

“Wonderful, is how I would describe Duncan Law Firm. Upon meeting Damon and Melissa at my consultation I knew right away they are lawyers who truly care about their clients. They are very personable and professional. You feel like you are visiting friends rather than going through an incredibly stressful time of financial difficulties. Damon represented me during my bankruptcy and he put me at ease because he is sensitive to your concerns and encourages questions. Damon is incredibly thorough, and he strives to make sure you have a clear understanding of all aspects of filing for bankruptcy. I was extremely impressed and pleased with the promptness in which Damon would respond to your questions of any nature via email or phone during the entire bankruptcy process. You knew he was looking out for you. My experience dealing with Duncan Law, PLLC was excellent and I highly recommend their services.”

“My experience with Terry Duncan as it relates to my Bankruptcy was very positive. The thing that impressed me the most is the time spent on preparation. I am the type of person that do like surprises in matters of this kind. Terry spent the necessary time to inform and prepare me on what to expect as it relates to procedural items as well as all the other aspects of the preceding. We actually did some role playing which was Great! When I stepped into the hearing room everything fell into place. However, it would not be fitting not to mention the support staff. All the ladies that I worked with was very helpfully and attentive to my concerns. They returned calls promptly and advised me every step along the way. I would like to give a special Thank You to Rose Murphy in the Charlotte, NC office, Great Job. In conclusion, I would strongly recommend Terry Duncan as a an excellent Attorney to handle anyones Bankruptcy matters. The service, knowledge and preparation is awesome!”

“Duncan Law was amazing. Truly, behind every good leader is a fabulous staff. Terry Duncan has this! The whole firm helped us through a very difficult time! Mr. Duncan and his staff are very understanding, prompt, and professional. I would highly recommend Duncan Law to anyone even contemplating bankruptcy. From the consultation to the court date and there after, they had us prepared and at ease.”

“Duncan Law has assisted me in so many ways as I make this transition into a difficult financial situation. Everyone in the office was personable and knowledgable with each interaction. Their support, understanding and efficiency are much appreciated.”

“My wife and I used Duncan Law For a need that we had. I have to say they were very professional in every way. The paperwork was easy enough to understand and not hard to fill out. Duncan Law was there promptly when we had questions either via email or telephone. If we ever need an attorney again we will gladly choose them. I highly recommend this Law Firm. Damon and Melissa are very friendly and respectful people. I have no complaints with the whole process and would say that you found the right firm for your issue at hand.”

“Filing for bankruptcy was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Luckily, I found a great team that thoroughly supported me through the whole process. Damon and Melissa Duncan are powerful people that care about each person they represent. They kept me updated on all matters and made sure that I understood all information presented to me. Thank you Duncan Law and I hope this firm will continue to grow and be prosperous!”

“Mr. Duncan is friendly and professional, and paid great attention to the details of our bankruptcy case. He was very reassuring and a source of strength through this difficult and scary time. All of his office staff were also very knowledgeable and friendly as well. We arrived early to the creditors meeting, and was able to get an idea of what we were about to experience. We noticed numerous persons who had arrived under-prepared. Not any of Mr. Duncan’s clients. All of the ones we witnessed (including ourselves) were asked the basic questions, then were free with no further questions. We are very thankful for all of the help and hard work Terry Duncan has done for us during this very stressful period. We would easily recommend him to anyone in need of filing bankruptcy, and have already referred our daughter to him.”

“Both Damon and Melissa Duncan made a difficult situation at an extremely stressful time in my life one of the most professional and positive experiences I have encountered. Their willingness to answers questions and provide explicit instructions was amazing. I highly recommend Duncan Law PLLC and thank them for helping me work flawlessly through my bankruptcy.”

“Terry and his team were amazing. They helped me through a very difficult time, and reassured me that many good people do go through bankruptcy, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Very understanding, down to earth, prompt, and professional. I would highly recommend Terry to anyone even contemplating bankruptcy. He provides a 30 minute free consultation to explain your options, and what would likely happen in each option. I had several questions, and they answered all of them, and didn’t nickel and dime me to do so (like some attorneys might). I paid exactly what they said I would pay, I was well prepared for the court date, and Terry did a great job preparing me for questions that might be asked. Also, it was clear that Terry was by far the best prepared attorney in the room that day. I watched about 6 other attorneys, and they had not prepared their clients at all. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to Terry Duncan and his team.”

“These are some great people. So down to earth. I feel like I am being taken care of. Thank you.”

“I am very happy with the professional and friendly atmosphere in the Terry Duncan Law office. Everyone treated me with respect and professionalism. They are very helpful and has a lot of knowledge of NC Bankruptcy Laws. I filled in all the paperwork and they did the rest. I am VERY pleased. I would recommend Terry Duncan Attorney at Law to anyone who asks. Thank you very much to Terry Duncan and his Staff.”

“Extremely thorough, very professional, and very caring. Mr. Duncan came highly recommended to me by a friend that had him as their attorney. I also highly recommend Duncan law firm!! Filing Bankruptcy was a big decision and was emotionally draining for me, but Mr. Duncan & his staff made me feel like a human being and not just another dollar sign. After observing other attorneys at my creditors meeting, I quickly noticed that I had the BEST attorney. He takes the time to prepare and comfort you for what may lay ahead. He also has a great sense of humor which helps to ease the pain in such stressful situations. I am not the type of person to typically write reviews, but this is a review that is well deserved and I am more than happy to write this. I guarantee that you will not find a more dedicated attorney. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Duncan and his staff for all their time, compassion, and thoroughness. I hope this review helps someone end their search and give Duncan Law a call, as I promise you will NOT be sorry.”

“Terry and his Staff provide a great service and support, Double plus good.”

“First I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you, Terry Duncan and staff! I just received an email from the Duncan Law office with the news and copies of my bankruptcy discharge order!!! I must say that I am not in the habit of giving written reviews or filling out surveys, but Terry Duncan’s service to me as an attorney was outstanding from the first moment I met him all the way through to the bankruptcy hearing. Bankruptcy was something that I had always thought was not an option that I could even consider, I had always taken great pride in working and paying my debts until my income was reduced to the point that my debts were far greater than I could handle. Terry was so friendly and forthright from the beginning that I felt confident that this was the step that I needed to take. Terry is very detailed and thorough with the bankruptcy law and gave detailed instructions on all the paper work that needed to be completed, the instructions were straight forward and easy to follow. I would highly recommend Terry and his firm to anyone looking for a reputable and trustworthy attorney. Thank you again Mr. Duncan for giving me a fresh start!”

“Terry was very helpful and knowledgeable during my bankruptcy process. He helped every step of the way. His staff was so professional and especially, Rose, who answered every question I had and made me feel good about what I was doing. No one likes to be in this place but many of us who have lost our jobs unfortunately had no where else to turn. I would recommend Terry Duncan 100% as he stays true to his word. The process is not nearly as bad as you would expect. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

“I am a 64 year old business man and have had numerous attorneys over the years. Terry Duncan and his staff are by far the best law firm I have ever had. Terry treated me just like an old friend right from the start. His whole staff are the same way, simply going out of their way to get me what I needed to make things easy for me. You will not find a better attorney.”

“Damon and Melissa are amazing people. They gave us such comfort during a time when we really felt we had no other options. They were always available to answer our many questions, and we felt very safe and confident with them. There were no surprises, everything was exactly the way they explained it would be. There are so many law firms out there, but Damon and Melissa are truly above all of them. We cannot thank them enough for helping us change our lives around. We would highly recommend their services to anyone! Thanks and God Bless!”

“First, I have to say many thanks to Terry Duncan and staff for their great efficient work on my bankruptcy filling process. When I met Terry the first time for consultation, I was surprise to see how nice and cool he was as a Lawyer. He was like a friend and talk to me with respect. You know how some Lawyers intimidate and like to show off when you go to their office. Terry was just Terry. He treat you like a human being who need his help. Terry and his staff did every thing possible for me to file my bankruptcy Petition. During the process with Terry. He or the staff will send you e-mails to update you on your case, and what additional documents they may need from you. This is excellent service. When you call Terry’s office, you always get a great professional response, and any staff member you talk to knows about your case, and will response to any question you have about your case. If you have to talk to Terry, which barely happens, they will let you know. I am very happy and pleased to have Terry represent me in my bankruptcy case. I will recommend Terry Duncan to any friend I know who will need help in a bankruptcy in the future. Once again Terry Duncan is a great Attorney, and I thank him and his staff very very much, and because of Terry, I will have a second chance to make my life better. Thank you Terry and may God bless you and your staff.”

“I am so thankful for Terry Duncan and his staff. They were not only professional in helping me with my bankruptcy, they showed me much compansion and understanding in what I was going through. Terry and his staff stayed on top of everything from beginning to the end. They always had time to talk to me and email me with any concerns that I had. This was a very hard time for me. They really cared about me and they took great care of all my concerns. After making some bad decisions in my life, I really made a great decisions with Terry and his staff. Thanks again for your excellent service.”

“I have nothing but good things to say about this firm. I worked with Damon and he was patient, understanding, and extremely accessible throughout the entire process. He made things easy to understand and didn’t mind answering my hundreds of questions. I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Duncan Law and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks, Damon!”

Damon and Melissa were very thorough in their preparation for our court appearance, which enabled the whole process to move smoothly and efficiently. They were easily accessible via phone or email and were courteous and helpful in answering all of our questions. They provided a safe environment for a potentially unpleasant experience. We would highly recommend their services to anyone.”

“Damon is the most professional and understanding lawyer I have ever met. He helped me every step of the way and made this process stress free. I definitely recommend Damon and Melissa Duncan. I thank you.”

“Damon and Melissa are easy to work with. From my initial telephone contact to the end they were both very professional, warm and understanding. Bankruptcy is not an easy decision to make. That is why it’s important to have a professional helping you every step of the way. Damon and Melissa are knowledgeable and ensure you understand completely the process and exactly what to expect. They made it easier to realize that sometimes bad things happen to good people. I was very thankful and appreciative to find Damon and Melissa to help me with this difficult financial time. If anyone asks me if I know of a good financial attorney to help them with bankruptcy, workers’ comp, serious injuries, nursing home neglect or abuse I would definitely recommend they talk with Damon and Melissa.”

“Having to make a very critical decision in my life to file for bankruptcy was devastating. Upon my research I chose Duncan Law, PLLC and have been so right in doing so. My initial conversation was comforting and I felt a sincerity in the staff. Throughout the process I was kept informed and also they encouraged any questions I may have had. Yes, Damon and Melissa were well prepared at the creditors meeting, unlike many of the other attorneys. They are truly caring people and not one time made me feel inadequate or shameful in pursuing my bankruptcy. If I could sum them up in a few words these would be them: knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy, honest and reliable. For anyone considering filling I highly recommend making Duncan Law the first and only choice. The team including Lucy have exceeded my expectations and I could go on but you will just have to try them out and experience it for yourself.”

“We were very embarrassed and nervous to be in the financial situation we found ourselves in after the economy fell and our business was not bringing in the income we had come to rely on. Terry was very easy to talk to and assured us many people were in our same situation and we should not be embarrassed. He and his team have always been friendly in answering any questions we had. Terry, thank you and your team for all of your help and compassion!”

“Pleasant He is a seasoned veteran. He’s been around for a while. His fees are fair and reasonable. I refer cases to him all the time and I will continue to do so.”

“Very professional, organized and thorough. We noticed a big difference when we attended the creditors meeting. Other clients attorneys just didn’t have it all together. I highly recommend Duncan Law. You won’t be disappointed.”

“We were extremely impressed with Mr. Duncan’s thoroughness and preparedness for our Creditor’s Meeting. As we sat hearing other cases, many other attorneys had not adequately prepared their clients or their clients’ paperwork. There were many instances where the Trustee asked for documents that others didn’t have, while Mr.Duncan made sure he had all of ours in order well before our meeting. This preparedness and thoroughness made an otherwise uncomfortable situation very easy and much less stressful. We highly recommend the Duncans for your bankruptcy proceedings.”

“In 2007 I had made some poor financial decisions that financially exposed me for a large sum of money. To add salt to injury I had creditors calling me all hours of the day wanting money and not willing to work for resolution.

Just when I thought that all hope was lost & that I would never get out of this financial hole that I dug myself in, I noticed an Ad for Duncan Law in the yellow pages. In this Ad Duncan Law offered the first consultation for free. Nothing to lose and everything to gain, I made an appointment that very day and I am glad that I did.
Terry Duncan explained to me all of my options and came up with a solution to fix my financial problems that positively changed my financial life.

If your goal is to get back onto financial track, then do yourself a favor and call Duncan Law office today! One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Lee Iacocca To Day Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life ” How true that is Mr. Iacocca.”

“This was such a stressful time but Terry and his staff made me feel very comfortable and completely confident that the matter would be dealt with correctly and professionally. Terry advised me as to every step that would be taken and his staff was also very knowledgeable. I’m so glad I chose this law firm. I had been a legal secretary for 30 years and this staff was second to none. Thank you so much.”

“If you are considering filing a bankruptcy, you would be foolish to look anywhere but Duncan Law. This group is eager to provide you with professionalism and precision. Their experience allows them to not only know everything but the ability to anticipate your needs as well. From the first time we met with Mr. Duncan and his team, the process progressed exactly as he stated it would. The outcome was painless and even better than expected. We have our life back! Thanks Terry!”

“Great Attorney and Office Staff!”

“Hands down, Damon and Melissa are the best attorneys that we have ever used for anything. When we were faced with filing bankruptcy we had many questions and concerns. Damon and Melissa made sure they answered all of our questions and explained the entire process that we would go through. What was amazing is how quickly they responded to our phone calls and emails. We had never had any attorney respond that quickly. They truly care about their clients and we really appreciate them.”

“We came to Terry after finding him on the internet. The consultation was quick but he was very personable, knew his stuff and got us started right away. His staff ( especially Tracy M.)was always very quick to respond, answered my many phone calls with questions and just always made me feel like it was all being taken care of…and it definitely was. Even in court Terry proved how comfortable he was and knew what he was doing. I would highly recommended him and his staff in a heartbeat. Really nice and knowledgeable – all of them!”

“Mr. Duncan took time to explain the process from the initial meeting through the meeting with creditors. Sadly we have friends in a similar situation who used a different attorney, paid almost twice as much as we did & received poor service. If you are faced with this situation (creditors calls, bankruptcy, etc.) I highly recommend you give his office a call and set up the initial meeting.”

“The staff and Terry himself are, in my opinion, the BEST. They were informative, professional, accurate and on top of their work. They run like a well- oiled machine. You may be apprehensive working with a Big Time lawyer, but he got that way for a reason. He knows his business. He surrounds himself with extremely knowledgeable staff and they were available to answer questions all day long.

I highly recommended them to anyone. Money well spent.”

“Terry was amazing from start to finish. Took more time with me in his office then I thought he ever would, preparing us for the creditor meeting. It went flawlessly, has he had said it would. But what struck me was his relationship with his clients was unsurpassed compared to other people in there being represented by other attorneys. I felt like I was the “rich guy” who had the best lawyer. Well, the last part was true, but not the first part! Great job, Terry. And thank you.”

“I highly recommend Terry Duncan and his staff. I went to many attorneys for consultations and Duncan Law was the BEST!! Terry Duncan and his staff are great! It was a hard time in my life and they made it easy for me. I really appreciate how quickly and thoroughly they completed my bankruptcy. Terry answered all my questions before I even asked them. Thanks for all you did for me!”

“I was really afraid to file bankruptcy, but Terry was so understanding. He made you feel at ease and he was with you through the whole process. His staff is excellent and they are there to answer any questions you may have. I will tell all my friends if they need a lawyer, Terry is the one to go to. Thank you for everything.”

“Great attorney!!!!! This was the most easy process in my life. I can`t believe how easy it was and only because of Terry Duncan. He made it a breeze. I would recommend that you contact him first before going to any other lawyer out here in Charlotte. Thank you Terry for everything.”

“VERY professional, personal, and thorough Our entire experience with Damon and Melissa was the best. We just had our creditors meeting and I didn’t want to hesitate to write a review about our experience. Once we knew we had to file for bankruptcy, we were so concerned with finding someone who would look out for us. We ran across their website and were very impressed with how much information they provided there. If you want to know anything about bankruptcy in the state of NC, their website is an amazing resource for answers. During our consultation meeting, we were immediately impressed with Damon’s attitude and how patient he was to learn about our situation. He wasn’t selling his services, but he got to know us and explained how he could help. It was a very easy decision to move forward with them. Bankruptcy is rough, but Damon and Melissa do everything in their power to help make it as easy a process as possible. They answered all of our questions and addressed all of our concerns. Whenever we emailed or left messages, they were always quick to respond. Sometimes it almost felt like we were the only case they were working with. There is one thing that proved how good they both were with our case and the others they had that day. My wife and I sat there for 3 hours at the creditor’s meeting, listening to case after case, and almost every one had some issues that required ironing out in front of the rest of the crowd. When it was our turn, it was very brief. The trustee didn’t have any questions and we were on our way. That just goes to show how thorough Damon and Melissa are. I didn’t intend on writing a book, but I can’t compliment Damon and Melissa enough on how great they have been through this whole process. You can’t do any better than Duncan Law, period.”

“I was very impressed with Duncan Law. Every question no matter how small or big was answered. They are very efficient, patient and personable. Everything went smooth and also they really care about their clients! I highly recommend Duncan Law firm.”

“The Duncan’s are the most down to earth lawyers I’ve ever met. But aside from that they very efficient and very knowledgeable. They made our work very easy. There’s no need to look for another lawyer, they truly are the BEST!”

“Very Professional/Excellent Service Duncan Law is an extraordinary firm that makes filing bankruptcy a piece of cake. They lay out every single step one by one. Very professional and always available to answer questions. I highly recommend this firm!”

“Duncan Law is THE BEST!! Before you see anyone for Ch 7 BK, please call Terry Duncan! He will walk you through the entire process. After meeting with him, I was finally able to sleep. He gives you every detail you need to know. His staff is just as great. I can’t say enough about all of them and I highly recommend the Duncan Team. Also, Terry was the only attorney I saw who met with his people before going before the Trustee. He is simply the best! Thank you all so much! I can finally start fresh and get on with my life. All the best to you!”

“If your looking for a BK lawyer look no further I did my research online for BK 7 lawyers and read all the good reviews for Duncan Law Firm and they were spot on. They made the whole process very easy and made my 341 a breeze. Terry and he’s staff are very nice and will help you through this tough time in your life. Make an appointment as soon as you think you need to file.”

“The Best team ever!!!!!!! I worked with Terry Duncan for my recent ch 7 and I am so glad that I chose them. They made a very difficult, tense situation…..easy. I would especially like to thank Rose for all of her work. She is the best!!!!!! No matter how many questions I had, she would answer them without hesitation. With their knowledge and wisdom, they saved me an additional $16000. I was receiving letters from creditors threatening adversary proceedings. They told me to wait it out. I did and the other firms were just bluffing. Had I not taken their advice, I would have had to cough up an extra $16k. Thanks for your advice!!!! Bankruptcy was a difficult decision to make, but it was the best one I have made in my life. Thanks to the Duncan Law firm, they made the process as painless as possible. I will send you any referral I can!!!!!!”

“Very prompt and professional Bankruptcy is not an easy financial decision to make, especially if, like me, you had an excellent credit history. I was very fortunate to find Duncan Law, PLLC. Damon responded to my internet inquiry within about ten minutes and was able to meet with me the next day. He was very professional and fully disclosed all costs and expectations, which was very appreciated. Any emails I sent him regarding my paperwork were always addressed within minutes. Despite a bad situation I know I’m not a bad person. I was always treated with respect and felt they were available if I had any questions or concerns. You’re in good hands with Duncan Law and I highly recommend using their firm if you find yourself in this unfortunate financial decision.”

“I was hesitant and unsure about the process of filing bankruptcy. Terry and his staff were both comforting and professional. They made the process easy to understand. They helped calm my nerves and addressed every issue I had in a timely manner. I recommend Terry and his firm to anyone who is considering bankruptcy.”

“A+ After extensive research of Charlotte attorneys, I picked Terry Duncan and am so grateful that I did. He is organized, knowledgeable, and knows the system extremely well. He spends ample time with his clients and makes the process as easy as it can be. His staff, including Rose, Tracy, and Melissa were courteous, prompt, and extremely helpful during the preparation process. It is no wonder that Terry has such an incredible record in bankruptcy cases. Look no further, Terry is the man!”

“Awesome Duncan Law speaks for itself ( Done Law ) Mr.Terry Duncan knows everything about being a “TRUE” lawyer. He and his staff were able to answer all of our questions and concerns and we were very well prepared for the unexpected in making sure all of our requested forms were completed and returned in a timely manner and Mr.Duncan & his clients were more prepared and organized than others. We are very glad we chose Duncan Law and highly refer him to others.”

“When we first went to Duncan Law (Terry) we were hesitate, because of past experiences with representatives who were not reputable. Duncan Law was referred to us by former clients who had spoken exceptionally well of this law firm. We had spoken to Mr. Terry Duncan a year ago and was trying to make bankruptcy our last result, only to regret that we did not complete the process in 2009. Our finances were only getting worse and due to the organized staff of Duncan Law they still had our paper work on file and we met with Terry Duncan and decided to go ahead. We were mentally stressed but every question or concern we had was answered and his dedicated staff replied in a timely manner as well as helping us to complete the process of our paper work and making sure we had our forms completed correctly. We are very glad we met with Terry Duncan and his staff and for making us feel comfortable and providing us the reassurance to move forward. We would recommend him to everyone….It’s well worth it!!”

“Damon and Melissa Duncan are excellent attorneys. My wife and I had been fighting an uphill battle for 3 years. It seemed like we would spend the rest of our lives digging out of this financial hole. Then we decided to hire Damon and Melissa. They make you feel welcome from the moment you meet them. They go the extra mile to ensure everything is handled properly and that all of your questions are answered. The system they use makes it easy for the client to follow the entire process from start to finish. They are always there to answer questions and help you maintain a positive attitude during a difficult time. We will be forever grateful for their service to us. We highly recommend them to anyone who wants the BEST ATTORNEYS to handle their case.”

“I had been under so much pressure in the past year with my finances due to unemployment a couple of years ago. I searched the web and found Duncan Law and saw their website and began to feel a sense that there was help available. I emailed them and the office contacted us within hours. Terry Duncan and his associates walked me through everything one step at a time and now my life is back on track. They did everything they promised they would do. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank You!”

It is embarrassing enough just thinking about having to file bankruptcy. It is something I thought “would never happen to me”. But-some things are just out of your control. I didn’t know where to turn. So-what did I do? I “Googled” Bankruptcy lawyers in my area. That’s right, simply used the World Wide Web to assist me. And honestly, their personal website drew me in. I thought, if the website is this thorough, they must be awesome! And they were. Melissa and Damon do not make you feel like you lost everything. They provide you with hope for a brand new future. They are patient, kind, thorough and empathetic. They walk you through step-by-step everything you need. It was scary hearing all the other people get asked questions and to find out what stuff they were missing at the creditors meeting…..Not us! It was a smooth process. All because our lawyers are awesome, and will not let you forget anything. I recommend to anyone needing help!!!?

“Bankruptcy is not an easy financial decision to make, especially if, like me, you had an excellent credit history. I was very fortunate to find Duncan Law, PLLC. Damon responded to my internet inquiry within about ten minutes and was able to meet with me the next day. He was very professional and fully disclosed all costs and expectations, which was very appreciated. Any emails I sent him regarding my paperwork were always addressed within minutes. Despite a bad situation I know I’m not a bad person. I was always treated with respect and felt they were available if I had any questions or concerns. You’re in good hands with Duncan Law and I highly recommend using their firm if you find yourself in this unfortunate financial decision.”

“Damon and Melissa Duncan are the best attorneys that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Most attorneys make you feel like your incompetent and nervous but they made me feel right at home the minute I walked into the office. They make everything so easy that you almost forget what you are there for. They are the most thorough, caring, and responsible attorneys that I have ever met. They are so detail oriented with their paperwork that there is no way that you could miss anything. I had forgotten to leave my cell phone in the car before the creditors meeting, had to run back to my car and thought I was going to be late. I called Melissa and she calmed me down and told me not to worry that I would be fine. I made it back to the meeting pretty much on time with a calm feeling instead of an overwhelmed feeling. They are the greatest and they treat you like family instead of just a paying client. I have recommended them to everyone I know that needs their help!?”

“Just a short note of appreciation for the service and support I have received from you (Terry) and your employees. I recently had a financial problem due to loss of income and I emailed your office about filing bankruptcy. Within minutes I received a reply and my questions were dealt with in a prompt manner. Your customer service is of exceptional quality and I wish to thank you and your staff for providing such excellent services. I was truly impressed with the level of dedication present. I’ll have no hesitation using Duncan Law again or recommending you to friends.”

“You know there are a lot of law firms who handle bankruptcies but its so hard to know who to choose. This review should help you make a better decision on who you want to represent you in this very dramatic time. I just cant believe that anyone could have done a better job than Damon and Melissa. The reason we feel this way is they both bent over backwards for us from beginning to end and after. They did things that really wasn’t required of them. Right now if I needed to talk to either one of them I could. They treat you like family. One thing happened in the courtroom that made us feel blessed that we got them to represent us. Most of the clients that come forward in front of the board were told they didn’t have the correct paperwork or it was incomplete. This was the attorneys responsibility and they let them down. Its rough enough on the family as it is. With an incompetent attorney by your side it makes the experience much worse. I thank God for them. They are fantastic attorneys who care a lot about the client and are really just great people. Thanks guys your the greatest.”

“My wife and I were forced to declare bankruptcy, due to my being laid off. Damon and Melissa were great to work with! They made a difficult time in our lives much easier to deal with and they were there every step of the way to answer any questions or concerns we had. The forms they gave us to fill out were very thorough, and we were able to go from our initial free informational meeting with Damon and Melissa to filing and having our Creditors meeting in a very short time – what great service!!! I would highly recommend the services of Duncan Law to ANYONE who is considering bankruptcy.”

“I am so grateful for the most generous gift of your time on Thursday. Your calm and non-judgmental explanations, and instruction, gave me a sense of peace and hope that I can actually clean up this mess and rebuild my life. My research paid off! Many thanks!”

“If I ever come across anyone who needs to file bankruptcy I will certainly strongly recommend your office/firm.”

“I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation to you and your entire staff for helping me through a traumatic and difficult time.”

“Thank you so much and I am eternally grateful to your whole office for assisting and guiding me through this challenging and nerve racking process. You all are truly Angels!”

“I wonder if you realize how much help, support and compassion your clients and I receive by your organization when we really need it most.”

“You and your staff treated me with respect, dignity, and kindness which I’ll never forget.”

“I wanted to express my gratitude for the critical role you and your staff play in helping good people recover.”