Bankruptcy Lawyer in Salisbury NC | Terry DuncanAs you are looking at this website, you are probably wondering about my background.  I was born and raised in northeast Texas.  My family is in the ranching business back in Texas.  My previous jobs were as a police officer and a high school teacher.  I had always wanted to become an attorney, and finally in 1992 I went to law school in Texas. In 1995 I graduated from law school and due to a new job for my wife, we moved the Charlotte area.

By me having a “real job” before becoming an attorney, I believe I have many “real life experiences” compared to some other attorneys who went straight to college, then law school, and have never had a job outside of the legal profession.  I believe this gives me a unique insight to the financial problems that you may be going through at this time.

In 1996, I rented one small 10×12 office and started Duncan Law.  I originally worked by myself and was the “chief cook and bottle washer”. I did everything from answering the phone to going to Office Depot to make copies. We now have offices in four different cities with many different employees (friends).  We concentrate mainly in the area of bankruptcy, but we also handle workers compensation, nursing home abuse and neglect, and very serious personal injuries.

Since 1996, I have personally filed nearly 5,000 bankruptcies for clients just like you.  As a firm we have filed well over 5000 bankruptcies.

I am certified by the North Carolina State Bar as a specialist in both consumer and business bankruptcy law. I had to pass a rigorous background check and peer review by other bankruptcy attorneys to qualify to become a bankruptcy specialist.  I had to pass a national competency test on bankruptcy laws and ethics.  I also teach other bankruptcy attorneys at legal CLE seminars about different complex issues in bankruptcy law. I personally have given over 10,000 consultations to clients.

Our guiding philosophy at Duncan Law is to follow the “golden rule” and treat people they way we would want to be treated if we were in your shoes. To verify our philosophy’ please look at our uncensored reviews written by our clients and see what our clients have to say about us. They are real reviews from real clients. (Click here to go to the reviews).  If you would like a free initial consultation with me, please call (704) 297-4000.

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