Blue Shirted Man Reading BillA “notice of right to have exemptions designated” in North Carolina is a legal document from a creditor who has obtained a judgment against you. This notice of right to have exemptions designated form is sent to you by the judgment creditor requiring you to list all property that you own. Any property that you own is subject to be seized by the sheriff department unless it is exempted in this form. Usually you have 20 days from the date the notice of right to have exemptions designated form is receive by you either by the sheriff serving it on you, or receiving it in the mail. If you do not complete this form properly and file it with the county clerk of court of the county in which the property is located, the sheriff may seize the property with a writ of execution. Most people receive the notice of right to have exemptions designated form and look at it and then throw it in the trash. This is exactly what the creditor’s attorney wants you to do. By not properly filling out the form and filing it with the clerk of court in the county which you reside or the property is located, none of your property is protected from seizure by the sheriff’s department. Several days after the deadline to file the notice of right to have exemptions designated, the sheriff’s office will be sent a writ of execution by the creditors of attorney demanding your nonexempt property be seized by the Sheriff and sold at a Sheriff’s auction.  Please see our blog  on writs of execution. The profit from the sell of the property will be used to pay all or a portion of the judgment debt against you.  The good news is a writ of execution  is usually stopped  by the filing of a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy .