Blue Shirted Man Reading BillWhat Should I Tell My Creditors if I Decide to File Bankruptcy? 

If you are behind on making payments to your creditors, many times they will call you and ask you to pay your debts to them. Sometimes creditors will ask you to pay the debts in a cordial polite manner. Other times they will call and literary threaten you with going to jail. Many creditors have Robo calls in which a machine may call you many times a day to threaten and harass you.

After you have consulted with Duncan Law, under certain circumstances, we will allow you to refer creditors to our office and we will confirm that we are representing you in a bankruptcy. Normally, if you’re represented by an attorney, the harassing creditor calls will cease at least for a short period of time up until you file the bankruptcy. However, be aware that some creditors can still continue to call you and harass you up until the time you actually file the bankruptcy. The circumstances regarding these calls are too complicated for this short blog.

Nearly all creditors understand that once the bankruptcy has been filed and they continue to call you after they receive notice of the bankruptcy filing, they could be fined by the judge several thousands of dollars for violating the judge’s order.